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Compositing - VFX

Motion - Animation

Digital Compositing
Motion Design


Hi! I'm Fernando Branco, known as Bardanha.

I'm looking for partners and projects that expands our

creative and technical boundaries.

I've been working for 8 years in the advertising and publicity market. Started on illustration, art direction, video editing to motion design and post production. Always aimed to be a generalist to keep the creative boundary wide open and able to be an independent crossmedia developer for my clients.

Currently i'm a digital compositor and motion designer at Santa Transmedia and still creating own creations at my studio based São Paulo- Brazil.

Have an idea? Lets get it done.

*Eligible to work in Europe

Skills: Compositing, motiondesign, animation and 3D general knowledge with modeling, animation, motiondesign, lighting, multipass rendering and compositing experience.

Softwares I'm comfortable to operate achieving results for cinema and advertising industry:
Nuke, PFTrack, AE, Mocha, C4D, PS, AI and PR.

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